Come and Experience the Exquisite world of GuyDesign—a Rich world of Bespoke, made-to-order

Luxurious products curated for the Refined Individual and the Unique Home.


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Since 2013, GuyDesign has existed as an International Trademark and Brand. With this trademark, The United States of America has authorized GuyDesign to Design, Manufacture, and Sell Diamond Jewelry; Gemstone Jewelry; Jewelry; Jewelry Made in Whole or Significant Parts of Gold, Platinum. GuyDesign currently offers Jewelry online and by Auction.

GuyDesign has been Specializing in Bespoke Made-to-Order Luxuries for the Refined Individual and the Distinctive Home Since 1989.

GuyDesign Jewelers Board of Trade listed #02721488 for 24K Peace of Mind.

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GuyDesign® has been a registered, Global Luxury Brand Since March 25, 2013.