Adamas and Platinum, Men's Bespoke Amulet Pendant, Ideal-Cut Diamonds, 7 Carats

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GuyDesign Exclusive, Men's Adamas, and Platinum Bespoke Amulet Pendant. Featuring 14 individual Ideal-Cut Diamonds. Each diamond weighs approximately one-half carat or more, with the Total Carat weight being a minimum of 7 carats

Do you Dream of owning the Best, most Flashiest Diamonds? You can now own the Worlds most Beautiful Natural Diamonds. Their Cut is Scientifically Engineered and Guaranteed to produce the Maximum amount of Fire, Sparkle, and Brilliance there can Ever be for a Diamond, a 99.9% Light Return.

These Diamonds appear Larger than a standard cut Diamond, as their intense Sparkle originates from within the Diamond, causing a Bigger and Brighter Diamond that You can see from across a room.

Of all the C's determining Diamond Quality, Cut is the factor that fuels a Diamonds' Fire, Sparkle, and Brilliance. The better the Cut, the more Beautiful the Diamond.

  • Each Amulet is a Limited Edition.
  • We will produce only 300 Amulets per Series Worldwide.
  • Amulets are Signed and Numbered by Series.
  • We will mark each Amulet with the international brand "GuyDesign."
  • Each Amulet will contain the appropriate Hallmark, for example, "Platinum."
  • Each Amulet series will be numbered, for example, "1/300", "2/300", "3/300", etc.

Ideal-Cut Diamonds are matched for Cut, Color, and Clarity:

  • Diamond Color - D - Colorless
  • Diamond Clarity - VS1
  • Diamond Cut Quality - Ideal Cut
  • Diamond Grading Report - 14 reports in total, one for each diamond

Amulets available in Diamond Quantity 8, 11, 14, and 17:

  • We Feature an Amulet with Eight Diamonds,
  • Eleven Diamonds,
  • Fourteen Diamonds,
  • or Seventeen Diamonds

Other carat weights are Available:

  • Diamond Carat's weight is too numerous to list on this description page

Platinum and Gold Available:

  • 14K Gold, 18K Gold,
  • White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold,
  • Platinum

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